How can I make the most out of the 150 items that I bring?



Bring items that

are in high demand

(like quality clothes,

good toys, current

family friendly


 and gaming systems).


Bring big items

that are clean and in

great condition (like yard

toys, playground equipment,

large plastic toys, ride-ons,

furniture, strollers,

and baby equipment).


Price your items

to sell.  New consignors

typically price items

too high.  Check out our

 pricing tips page if you

 need a little help.


If at all possible, use our half price

 day to sell items that may be priced

 too high.  Why go home with items

 when you could have made money



Check over your items

 before you bring them to

 the sale for check in

 multiple times.  Items

that do not meet our

quality standards will not

 be accepted.


Items left over at the end of the sale can really benefit a

 family that is in need!  Please consider donating any

unsold items to our Free Shop program.  Families come

from all over the midlands to shop for free at the end of

 our sale.  Instead of taking them home, would you bless

 someone else?  Your check can still be picked up on

 Pick Up and Pay Day or mailed to you the day after the