If you are a new consignor with us, this page was created especially for you.  Pricing your items can be a challenge at times, so we have come up with some pricing guidelines for you.  You have full control over your pricing, however.  I hope this helps to give you an idea of what people typically charge for their items.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me here



The first thing you should look for in pricing is Name Brand and the second is age/condition.   The following price ranges are based on excellent quality merchandise that we sell at our sale well.  The lower price ranges are for less expensive name brands and the higher price ranges are for more expensive name brands.  If you do decide to price on the higher end of the range, please consider utilizing our discount days to give your items an extra opportunity to sell.   If someone comes to the sale and gets lots of bargains, they are probably going to tell their friends.  The success of Belles and Beaus depends on a good turnout of shoppers. If we give them the bargains that they want, then it will grow each year.


Shirts $3-6 Shoes (Stride Rite) $4-7
Pants $3-6 Shoes (other) $2-5
Dresses (casual) $4-8 Outfits (2+ pieces) $5-15
Dresses (fancy) $5-15 Infant Rompers $2-6
Smocked dresses $15-20 Pajamas $2-4
Jackets $3-5 Skirts/Skorts $2-5
Coats $5-12








Baby Equipment     Maternity
Jogging Stroller  $ 50-60 Casual Shirts $3-7
Stroller-Single $25-35 Dressy Shirts $5-7
Stroller-Double $40-80 Shorts $3-5
Exersaucers $15-30 Pants $5-7
Pack 'n Plays $15-35 Dresses $5-15
Swings $15-25 Outfits $10-20
Cribs* $50-150 Breast Pumps (Medela)


Crib/Bedding Sets** $20-60


Changing Tables


High Demand Toys -   Any Little Tykes items, Playhouses, Kitchens, Tool Benches, Doll houses, Video Game Systems and games 1/3-1/2 of retail     Bikes

Power Wheels





* Brand and style determine price

** Custom sets may go even higher