V.I.C. Tagging Service...When you want to consign, but don't have the time.

 Don’t let this keep you from taking advantage of the best way to make money for your gently used items.  Call about our “VIC tagging service.”  We’ll pick up your items; wash, hang, tag or whatever else is needed to prepare your items for sale.  There is a minimum of 20 acceptable items for the use of this service.  Availability and pick up areas are limited, so call today!  Items will be tagged by workers of the Belles and Beaus sale.   If  a consignor chooses this option, ALL of their items will be consigned at 50%. Spaces for the VIC tagging service are FULL for the August 2004 sale.

To help make sure that all of your items are in good condition with no holes, rips or snags, please make every effort to hang your items on hangers.  This will help us in transporting your items.  Simply lay pants/shorts/skirts over the bottom of the hanger.  There is no need to pin them.  We will do that for you.  If hangers are not available, please briefly look over the items you are going to send.  We ask you to consider donating your items that are not sold during the sale to the Crisis Ministry of Lexington Baptist Church. It is not possible for us to make a list of the items donated, but we will cut off the tags of items that are to be donated. You are welcome to pick those up at a later date if you choose to. We will keep tags for up to 1 month after the sale.  If you choose to have your items returned to you, someone will need to pick up the items at the end of the sale.  Please click on the Sale Dates button to find out further information about pick up.

Below you will see a copy of the VIC Service Agreement that must be signed when your items are picked up. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  bellesandbeaus@sc.rr.com  

I am placing Belles and Beaus in charge of preparing my clothes for the Belles and Beaus Consignment Sale. I give them the liberty to prepare my clothes by washing, hanging, tagging, and/or whatever else is needed. I understand that they will prepare and price the items with my best interests in mind, however, Belles and Beaus will not be held responsible for pricing differently than what I would have chosen. I also understand that I will receive 50 percent of the selling price for each item for this service with a minimum of 20 acceptable items. 


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CONSIGNOR NAME/NUMBER                            DATE