Tuesday, August 10th

Set up Day

No items accepted


Wednesday, August 11th

Drop off items

9 am—8 pm

Thursday, August 12th

Drop off items

 9 am- 5 pm


Volunteers shop at 6 pm


Consignors Preview Party and Guests shop at 7 pm

Friday, August 13th


Open FREE to the public

8 am—8 pm

Saturday, August 14th

Open FREE to the public

8 am—8 pm  


Many items  1/2 price

Sunday, August 15th

Item pick–up from



Free shop 3:30-4:30


The Free Shop on Sunday will help meet the needs of families identified by the Crisis Ministry of Lexington Baptist Church. All of these items will come from your donations. Thank you for considering this option for your unsold items.

For safety reasons, please do not bring children under the age of 10 to the Consignor's Preview Party if you are able. Thank you for your concern for your children.

Every item will be checked in during drop-off and any unacceptable items will be sent home with the consignor or donated to the Crisis Ministry of Lexington Baptist Church at the seller’s discretion. Please, do not be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items. We will be screening items very closely so as to maintain the quality of the sale. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any Item that we feel may not sell. It is often easy to miss a spot or tear when preparing your items at home. We want to be known for having the best quality merchandise and we want you as a purchaser to have confidence that you are buying the best!! Check out our Cleaning Tips button to help you prepare your items that need a little extra attention. Presentation is everything!

Please email or call to get your consignor number prior to drop-off. We need to know that you are coming and also to verify your address and consignor information. This must be done by Saturday, August 7thth.


  • Bring items already priced at the above drop off times, or arrange to have your items tagged by Belles and Beaus Tagging Service before Saturday, July 31stth.
  • Sign in at the front table and have your items counted. While we are checking your items, you will be asked to sign the consignor agreement. Please make yourself familiar with this form by clicking on the Agreement button.
  • Separate your boys and girls clothing and arrange according to size (smallest to largest) as you bring it in. A good idea is to place an upside down garbage bag with a small hole in the middle of the top (actually the bottom of the bag) for hangers to come through over each group of a particular size. This will make a cheap garment bag. Doing this will keep items separated and clean during transport. Another suggestion is to use rubber bands at the curve of the hanger to hold the same sized clothing together.
  • Bring a stamped, self-addressed #10 sized envelope with your consignor number in the lower left corner, or have $1.00 deducted from your earnings and we will take care of it for you. Please include your return address. Put your consignor number in the bottom left hand corner.
  • Pick up your Preview Party Pass and guest pass! You may bring 1 friend to join you as you shop on Thursday night.

Please, no children under the age of 10 on pre-sale night if you are able.

Shopping Ideas:

Wear a fanny pack rather than carry a purse
Bring your laundry basket with a rope or belt tied to the handle to pull along your goodies
Bring a list with children's measurements
Bring your measuring tape
Bring a cardboard cutout of your child's foot

PLEASE READ!!!! All items not picked up by 3 PM on Sunday afternoon will become the property of Belles and Beaus to be used at their discretion and donated to the Crisis Ministry of Lexington Baptist Church. If you are not able to pick up your items at the designated time, please have someone pick up your items for you. Make sure that you list them as your alternate on your contract and that they are aware of your consignor number. You will be asked for your number as you come in to pick up your items. Thank you for considering us to help you sell your items. We are here to serve you. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.