Thank you for trusting us with your precious items.  We value you and the items you bring for us to sell.  Because we are organized and to show our appreciation to our consignors, we offer you a 100% consignor guarantee if you follow the guidelines below.  This means, once an item is part of our inventory, if it is not sold, donated or picked up by you, we will pay for it (at 70% of the lowest price).  If you would like to take advantage of this service, please follow the guidelines outlined below.

Then, sit back, relax and watch your sales grow online.  When you come to pick up any unsold items you do not wish to donate on pick up day, your check will be ready.  It is that simple. 

** IMPORTANT:  You must check with a staff member before leaving the building on pick up day if an item is missing and it is guaranteed so that you can be paid.  If you leave the building and come back, your guarantee is voided. **